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Wema Sepetu to get a ‘Kim Kardashian kinda figure’ – Plastic surgery loading

Wema Seperu has every reason to smile and make merry on social media. Just a few weeks ago, the Tanzanian actress pocketed a couple of millions from DSTV; after agreeing to have her Wema App content on the Sub-Saharan African direct broadcast satellite service.

Of course Wema could not just hand them her app without a good deal on the table. And so far word has it that she is currently loaded to a point of dishing out money to her struggling friends. However, this sounds like a repeat of her ‘In my shoes’ show that she ended up dropping due to mismanagement of funds.

Hopefully she learnt her lesson and will not be repeating this – but who am I kidding…this is Wema Sepetu! The woman with a golden heart.

Away from that, we now understand that Wema Sepetu is planning to get some work done on her body; months after losing almost half her original weight. According to Wema, her doctors from India encouraged her to shed off the unwanted; that is if she was looking to be a mother in future.

However, it turns out that she lost quite a lot and for that reason she also lost weight on areas she did not expect…and that is hips, the backside and [email protected]

Speaking on her latest episode aired on her App; Wema Sepetu went on to reveal that she has plans to get some work done on her. But with this, she expects nobody to point fingers at her since it is her body and will do as she pleases with it.

“baby unene ni mbaya! mimi mwenyewe kiukweli nisiwe muongo. Mimi mwenyewe mwaka huu nimesema Inshallah Corona ikiisha najiendea zangu kujifanyia surgery. Atakae sema na asema”.

She went on to add

“Nataka niende nikaweke vyombo sielewi…sielewi Kim Kardashian ukimwangalia anakuja anakataa”.

Well there you have it, lets wait and see.

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