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Rekles reacts to stories of his alleged exit from Gengetone music group, Ethic

Singer Rekles has come out to share his side of the story moments after rumor had it that he was now done with Gengetone group, Ethic.

Rumor had it that Rekles is currently working as a solo artist; weeks after he dropped several projects featuring other artists as seen on social media. Also, judging from the fact that he seems to be working better as a solo artist, this has now left many claiming that he is now all independent.

But since where there is smoke…there is always fire; we believe that the rumors may have some truth. This is judging from how Rekless has been moving in the entertainment industry! Speaking about this, the management went on to deny rumors claiming that Ethic’s is no longer together; but oh well let’s see how it plays out.

Being the one in the middle of the ‘allegations’ Rekless also decided to share his side through his social media pages. A relaxed Rekles went on to write;

Nilikua kanisa, ati mnasemaje huku?

Below is a screenshot showing his latest Instagram bio that also suggests that he may have left the group; but is still taking time before making this public.

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