Proudly Kenyan movie ‘Sincerely, Daisy’ to premier on Netflix

The film’s trailer was released on YouTube on September 2 and going by the comments posted so far, there is a palpable air of anticipation for the first ever Kenyan movie scheduled to premiere on Netflix.

Sincerely, Daisy is the title of the film directed by Nick Mutuma and whose main actress is Ella Maina, who has earned herself a legion of fans by playing Shee on NTV’s show Trap House.

In the trailer, one can see the gritty world Daisy lives in — a world that judges, is split on how to handle success, and which often leaves you to your own devices.

The film will premiere on a date yet to be confirmed by Netflix.

Its storyline revolves around Daisy, who having excelled in her final year of high school, her future seems secure. Things begin to take a turn for the worse when she realises that her family may not have the financial capability to support her dream of studying abroad. This realisation, coupled with life’s challenges, sets Daisy off on a downward spiral of unfortunate events that test her relationship with her family, boyfriend, and friends. The story is told in an hour and a half of film, and snippets of it were captured in the 2.31-minute trailer.

Kenyan-made films
“We are going international,” commented Tash Njeri beneath the trailer. She is one of the 41,000 people who had watched the trailer by Thursday.

Lily Nimoh is also among those who have viewed it and are mesmerised by the quality it promises.

“For a moment, I forgot it was Kenyan. Great content; can’t wait for it,” she wrote.

Whereas there are a handful of Kenyan films available on on-demand viewing site Netflix, which is accessible in more than 190 countries across the globe, none has premiered on that platform. That is why Sincerely, Daisy will be trailblazing for Kenyan-made films.

How did the film come to be? It goes back to last year when actors Raymond Ofula, Peter Kamau and Neomi Ngang’a were picked as judges and mentors for The Next Superstar — a reality TV show that is a product of a collaboration between TV service provider StarTimes Kenya and the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Radio and Television.

With that came the first ever Sino-Africa reality television show that was designed to search for the next outstanding movie superstar. Under the initiative, Ofula, Kamau and Neomi were to pick and mentor up-and-coming actors to be featured in an international movie.

That international movie is Sincerely, Daisy — a family drama that was written by celebrated scriptwriter Natasha Likimani, who has worked on numerous projects like Veve, Kookoo Inn, and You Again. It was inspired by A Love for Separation, a Chinese drama series.

Nick Mutuma’s production company Giraffe Africa Productions prepared the film, and this will be the sophomore movie from the firm.

“Sincerely, Daisy is an urban Kenyan story about family, young love, timeless friendships and the reality of tough economic times. It’s the coming-of-age story in the eyes of a Kenyan girl,” Nick tells Lifestyle.

Nick is no stranger to the TV and film space, having successfully established himself as a pan-African actor, TV host, corporate emcee and all-round creative. He is also one of the producers of The Next Superstar.


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