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Corazon Kwamboka Annoyed By Fan Saying She’ll Be Dumped Soon Like Maureen

Corazon Kwamboka and Frankie just Gym are the latest couples in town but it seems not everyone is rooting for them.

Kenyans have been divided about their relationship since day one, especially, after Frankie’s ex-wife, Maureen Waititu came out to reveal he cheated on her with Kwamboka.

Recently, Kwamboka was feeling all lovey-dovey though and headed to Instagram to appreciate her man Frankie.

Kawamboka had one message for Frankie and fans about her relationship: It’s not ending anytime soon.

“I could make this into a long essay about how much you mean to me, I’ll just say it in a word; FOREVER,” she captioned their photo.

Kenyans flocked the post with mixed feelings as some supported them while others hated, especially, now that Maureen has been running around revealing that Frankie neglecting his kids and his mum chasing Maureen out of the house she has been living.

Hating isn’t something new for Kwamboka but one particular comment caught her attention. A woman claimed that her relationship won’t last and she knows because she’s speaking from experience.

“Ata Maureen alikwa apo, same story. I got only one word for you 2nd wives never stay long, out of experience. Bt I wish you nothing but the best👏👏 stay happy😍😍”

Kwamboka wasn’t impressed and she fired back saying:

“And so? my friend, if you want to hate have the balls to just do it, not coat it with ‘you wish me the best bla bla,’ I don’t need your wishes. I’ve lived my entire life without them cheers”

Here are more reactions:

amma_star Wachome kabisa 😂😂😂 people be hating coz they simply must keep busy😁Give them something to talk about and pass time,while you live your best life
lilian.benja Wacha niscreenshot for future use😂😂😂

ekariukii Tuko generation ya first wife , second wife , third wife , fourth wife wale wataweza hiyo Maisha ya mzungu

maretejenniferr Always in my prayers 🙏🏻🙏🏻wish you guys know what?people be thinking they professors of this life but don’t know nothing about this life.and there are no written rules of how to live it.

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