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So DJ Mo Was Actually Chased Away By Size 8

Well, couples fight. It is normal. That’s what we’ve learnt from Size 8’s confession on the reality show “Dine With The Murayas”. The prominent couple hasn’t always had a flashy, perfect lifestyle. They also deal with difficult times.

Size 8 opened up about a time when she had to ditch DJ Mo after they fought. Were it not for pastors, they would probably have divorced a long, long time ago.

‘There is a time I threw DJ Mo and all his things out. It took the pastor’s intervention for me to open the door. Marriage is a union that constantly needs God’s grace. The years we have been together (7) I would even call the ancestors, every time I caught him doing something I would cause drama. Even going through his phone is not worth it,’ she revealed.

It is worth noting that even of late, they have been having highly publicized issues. It all started when Size 8 unfollowed DJ Mo on Instagram. Many speculated that things were not well in their home. Then followed cheating allegations that saw DJ Mo on the receiving end.

DJ Mo and Size 8The lady in question, actress Joyce Maina had to come out and defend herself. The man thought to be DJ Mo in an intimate photo she had posted turned out not to be DJ Mo. She even had to say that she doesn’t do light-skinned men. As for DJ Mo, life seems to be going on normally. The couple is yet to come out to address the infidelity issue.

All we can do is wait and see if it ends up in premium tears or they will bounce back. We might also be surprised to know that it is all a publicity stunt, just like Jowie did with Ella.

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