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Homemade Ice Cream with Amarula Cream – simply divine!

Winter or summer, most of us can never turn down a scoop of rich and creamy ice cream. And soon, spring will turn into summer and a homemade ice cream recipe will be really handy. This homemade ice cream recipe is so easy and adaptable that you will be making your own ice cream every month, if not every week!

For this recipe, Amarula cream liqueur has been used but you can literally add whichever add-ins you are craving. Crumbled cookies, chunks of brownies, salty caramel sauce or good old vanilla are just a few ideas you can use for making ice cream. And don’t forget to add your own homegrown mint leaves or fresh berries from the garden. Enjoy this cold indulgence as dessert after a meal or just as an afternoon treat.

Herewith a friendly warning: if you make it once, it will become a frequent menu request from the family!

Make your own delicious ice cream in less than 30 minutes!

½ tin condensed milk

125 ml Amarula cream liqueur

500 ml fresh cream

100 g chopped nuts of your choice (optional)

1.Cool the condensed milk, Amarula cream liqueur and fresh cream before making the ice cream.
2.Using an electric mixer, for at least 15 minutes, beat the condensed milk until it has a creamy consistency.
3.Add the Amarula cream liqueur and mix well into the condensed milk on high setting for a few seconds.
4.Slowly add the cream. Watch carefully while mixing until the cream has thickened.
5.Immediately pour in a freezer container and sprinkle with nuts. Freeze overnight.
Remove the ice cream from the freezer about 15 minutes before serving.

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