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“We Are Not Perfect But We Love Each Other” – DJ Mo Speaks on Relationship

Gospel DJ Mo and singer Size 8, it seems are back together even though they haven’t made it official on their social media pages.

Mo and Size 8 recently linked up with DJ Macdee whereby they touched a few issues including opening up indirectly about their closely followed cheating saga that topped social media recently.

Mo and Size 8 in the interview, confessed that marriage isn’t a bed of roses and you have to keep making it better despite the challenges you face.

“We Are Not Perfect But We Love Each Other And We Have Parted So Many Times But We Always Get Back Together,” Mo says in the interview as Size 8 listens.

Size 8 and DJ MoMo did most of the talking in the interview, indirectly hinting that they might be having problems but at the same time not just sitting around waiting for them to go away.

“Even if one of you is more sinful, pray for yourself first and as god is working on you, tell him to also work on the other person. No one is perfect,” added Size 8

Mo went on:

“The comeback is always real. Packing and leaving a few days in marriage is normal, but we know how to work it out after all marriage is for better or worse. We are not perfect. The problems people go through are what we are going through as well.”

Watch the short interview below:

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