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“I need a husband with money” – Twendi Twendi singer says after divorce

With less than three months left of the year 2020, it hasn’t been exactly the year singer Justina Syokau envisioned in 2019 but she’s still staying optimistic.

The Kamba singer behind the viral “Twendi Twendi” hit recently opened up about her relationship saying that she’s still looking for a good man to settle down with seven years after her marriage ended, thanks to her mother-in-law.

Syokau got married in 2012 but was kicked out by her husband in 2013 for what she terms as ‘listening too much to his mother’. Her hubby was a mama’s boy.

“You know those mummy’s boys? Yes my husband was what you can refer to as a mummy’s boy. He listened to his mother so much that it broke our marriage,” she told Chris the bass.

The mother of one added that her estranged husband’s mum was so controlling she always slept with the couple in their bedroom. There was no way she could have endured that.

Fortunately, she’s back into the dating pool and hopes she’ll get a man who will treat her right and most of all, a mother-in-law that wouldn’t be all over their business.

“I pray that God sends me a husband, and if you are out there listening and you are looking for a wife who is noisy, I need a husband who has money, money is good and also I got married when I was so young and now I am mature and I want a man who will understand me. He should be 35 and above,” she added.

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