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Video: Doctors pull snake from woman’s throat, it crawled in while she slept

In a shocking incident, a 4 ft long snake was removed from a woman’s throat after it entered her mouth while she was sleeping outside.

The reptile made its way into her mouth as she slept in her garden in Dagestan in southern Russia.

The woman was rushed to the hospital as she started having breathing challenges and felt like suffocating. She was admitted in the emergency ward.

In the footage shared by Metro, the doctor attending to her is heard saying, ‘let’s see what this is’ before inserting a tube down her throat.

As the doctors pulled out the snake, other medics helped him, but there was mayhem when they realised how long the snake was.

Watch the video below as the snake is pulled out from the patient:

The snake was successfully pulled out and dropped in a bucket. It is not clear if the snake was still alive or dead.

The incident was unusual, according to reports in Dagestan, but the older generation have long been advising the young against sleeping outside because of the presence of snakes in the small town.

Other knowledgeable individuals from the small town suspect it could be a giant worm similar to a snake.

The Ministry of Health in Dagestan a mountainous republic bordering the Caspian Sea, are yet to comment about the incident.

The patient’s name was not released by the hospital, nor was the type of snake according to Metro.

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