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Trouble in Paradise as Jowie Irungu And Wife Fight In Public

No-one can explain what’s happening inside the Jowie- Ella household at the moment. The couple that has always been head over heels in love with each other, sharing supporting and love messages on their social media has shocked everyone after publicly displaying their issues.

The singer and his wife Eleanor Musangi Ndambo alias Ella have caused a stir on social media, instagram in particular after they decided to unfollow each other out of the blue. Mind you, we did not hear about any altercations or fights thus the shock after all this happened.

Besides unfollowing each other, the couple even went a step further to take down all the photos on their handles that they had taken with each other completely showing that they have no desire to be in each other’s space, even when it’s something as light as a photo.

In recent days, the pair had stopped sharing pictures of each other, something that has raised speculations around their love life, with a section of fans insinuating that the two might be going through a rough patch in their relationship. Others argued that the couple might have just decided to take their relationship off social media.

The couple is yet to reveal what caused all this drama. However, Ella through her Insta-stories hinted that all is not well after putting up a suggestive post that reads; “Some things are better left unsaid…which I generally realize right after I have said them”.

This post clearly shows that there is trouble in paradise at the moment, and we can only hope that things get better before they get worse.

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