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Is Vera Sidika’s bleached skin slowly going back to its darker shade

Vera Sidika is almost back to her original skin tone after months of staying in Nairobi; where she could not access her bleaching creams, pills or whatever she uses to make her skin lighter!

Due to the virus, Vera has been relying on filters and makeup to look lighter; however thanks to a new photos shared on Edgar Obare’s page we have every reason to believe that Ms Vera is back to being black.

Not that her original skin tone had any issues but Vera once revealed that being light made her more confident; hence the expensive skin lightening process somewhere in beverly hills… or was it the b00b job that cost Ksh 2 million?

Well thanks to the photo making rounds on social media; it is only right to say that Vera wasted her thousands or millions on a reversible process. I mean wouldn’t she have received the same outcome from the slapdash job done along River Road?

So far we have seen Nigerian celebrities get their skin tone enhanced and everytime it backfires, they all hit factory settling like our dear Vera. So does this mean the lass got her products from her Naija friends? Well chances are that our sister was duped and all that money went to waste. Check out the photo below:

Vera Sidika

Now that we all have our eyes on Vera and her skin tone, lets see what happens next.

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