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Tanzania Elections : Truck loses control crashing into a crowd during an election campaign – Watch

This the moment a loaded truck ran into a crowd in Songea, the capital of Ruvuma Region in south-western Tanzania. The truck unexpectedly came head to head with the crowd of supporters touting for an MP vying on the CHADEMA Party ticket.

In the undated video, the lorry is seen going downhill at a high speed as the driver honks at the oncoming crowd which is occupying both of the road’s two lanes. As the lorry approaches, the crowd at the front beckon for the driver to stop but quickly realise something is amiss and disperse. As the lorry weaves through the crowd, the campaigners are seen scampering in all directions to avoid getting run over. The lorry is then seen coming to a stop among the crowd as two men sitting at the back quickly alight. The video later shows the overturned lorry, as one of the people is heard saying that ‘witchcraft’ was involved in the incident.

No official communication has been made regarding the incident but on approaching the crowd, the lorry’s brake lights were on, perhaps indicating a brake malfunction. The Tanzania General Election is set for October 28 and pits President John Magufuli against opposition leader Tundu Lissu. The latter recently returned to Tanzania for the first time since 2017 when he was shot 16 times by unknown gunmen in Dodoma.

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