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Harmonize comments on Diamond And Zuchu’s new song getting deleted from YouTube

Kenyans and Tanzanians have been going at each other for a week now since Diamond Platnumz and Zuchu dropped their new jam “Cheche.”

Tanasha and her new manager, Jamal Gaddafi, came out to accuse Diamond and his newest signee Zuchu of copying her jam “Ride” which she featured Khaligraph Jones.

The popular song has been pulled down from YouTube due to a copyright claim.


Fans wanted to know Harmonize’s perspective on this, now that the two are considered frenemies since they parted ways early this year.

Harmonize, whose couple of songs have been pulled down too from YouTube over the same, told a fan in the comment section on Instagram that copying is something artists do but people shouldn’t celebrate Diamond’s recent pitfall.

“Sasa kilicho Kufurahisha nini bro mpaka ulete hizi Habari kwa shamra shamra? Au ulihisi ndio utanifurahisha? Ajali kazini ku copy ni kawaida hasa ukiwa umefanya mambo mengi ubongo ni kawaida kujaa. Kwa uwezo wa mungu itarudi tuhurumiane ili tuione pepo ya Mungu, One love,” Harmonize commented.

Diamond and Harmonize have avoided tainting each other since their ugly divorce though fans have been gunning on it.

A few weeks ago, Harmonize fell from a zipline while trying to make a grand entrance during an event. When asked about it, Diamond, who was also performing on the same event, downplayed the saga saying artists have accidents while performing.

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