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Bridget Shighadi shares a sweet message for hubby Nick Mutuma on his birthday

Actress Bridget Shighadi, popularly known for her Sofia role on Soap Opera “Maria” which airs on Citizen TV, was recently on Instagram to send her hubby a sweet birthday message.

Shighadi, who has been with fellow actor Nick Mutuma for close to five years now and have a daughter together, posted a sweet message for Mutuma who has just celebrated his 32nd birthday.

,”Sorry Dua,he was first mine.(Girls with their daddies 🙄) Happy birthday @nicutuma❤.” Said Shighadi.

Dua is their daughter who is two years old. Commenting on the post which left many women lusting, Mutuma asked for a birthday present many men have been dreaming of.

“Thank you baby,” said Mutuma before adding, “Sasa hiyo PS5 niaje?”

Nick MutumaMutuma opened up about their relationship and how they have been fairing during this lockdown period. While many have grown bored with each other, the lockdown has actually favored them.

“This time has brought us closer. Bridget is doing well,” he said.

“You can live with somebody but because of work friendship becomes systematic. You go to work, come home, have the same conversation. But now you get to explore one another and understand one another, respect one another a lot more. It’s been awesome.”

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