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Western political bigwig promised top post at Ruto’s ‘Hustler’ movement

A political bigwig from Western Kenya is said to be considering following former Raila Odinga aide Eliud Owalo and joining the ‘Hustler movement’ of Deputy President William Ruto (pictured). A little bird tells Corridors of Power the seasoned politician has been attending secret meetings convened by Ruto’s think tank. He also has been seen with politicians who only a while ago were among Ruto’s fiercest critics but changed their tune and ditched their various parties altogether. It is understood the politician, also one time a critic of the Deputy President, has been promised a plum position if he jumps ship and Ruto wins in 2022.

Ruto in KigombaTwo political buddies who are playing crucial roles in their separate parties have of late fallen out and are no longer on speaking terms. The two politicos who had announced moving together in one direction in 2022 no longer accompany each other to political events as they used to. A mole tells Corridors of Power the falling out has everything to do with the push to back one of the established politicians in the country for the top seat. One of them has been secretly holding meetings with the new suitor and it is just a matter of time before he comes out publicly to announce his new marriage.

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