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More drama as Size 8 Unfollows Her Bestie Diana Chacha, DJ Mo Unfollows Size 8

Kenyans have been following carefully Size 8 and DJ Mo’s drama as the two undergo a rocky stretch in their marriage.

Word that DJ Mo cheated on Size 8 spread like wildfire over the weekend leaving Kenyans guessing who the lady behind the saga is. At first, actress Joyce Maina was accused of being the woman in between but that was quickly rejected.

As Kenyans continue to dig on who the woman is, they came across another hint.

Diana Chacha and Size 8Size 8 has unfollowed Diana Chacha who is currently a product brand ambassador at Labelle Fashions.

Diana Chacha and Size 8 had been posting pictures of themselves sharing in best moments and she’s even behind the large crew of friends that helped in organizing a surprise baby shower for Size 8 a few months ago.

Size 8 and Diana ChachaThe two are not following each other on Instagram but DJ Mo is still following Chacha. Mo has also unfollowed Size 8, hinting that things can be bad.

Size 8 too has been sending signals that show things aren’t all well.

The mother of two took to Instagram to share a video of them having dinner at the plush hotel. Her response to the controversy has been impeccable; none. Instead, she proceeded to do her own thing.

The three spent the night at Pride Inn Hotel without DJ Mo.

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