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Diana Marua’s simple skincare routine for glowing skin will surprise you

Diana Marua’s past raised eyebrows for having bleached her skin to a lighter tone and frequently using artificial products to make her skin appear flawless.

These reports the mother of two clarified during her latest vlog with BFF, Shiko. Apparently, Diana did not have any skin care routine most especially after the ugly face cream incident she recently opened up about that left her face swollen and her skin very spotted.

It so happens that Bahati’s wife had since embraced the kind of soap her babies use and to the utter surprise of many, the babe revealed she uses Sunlight bar soap.

Diana Marua 2The light-skinned babe dismissed any kind of speculations she exfoliates her skin or uses rice water or any other kind of routine fans would imagine. Clarifying she applies bar soap on her face, rinses it off then moisturizes her face with Nivea.

Speaking of bleaching her skin especially after TBT photos of her emerged online, looking much darker than she currently is. A brave-enough fan questioned Diana Marua for lightening her skin from its original shade.

However, not taking it to heart, Marua clarified that never would she nor had she in the past, bleached her skin for any reasons plus, she would never recommend anyone to bleach their skin.

“Love yourself the way you are,” she urged.

Weight loss journey
After welcoming her second child with Bahati in August 2019, Diana has conspicuously shed off some kilos and curios fans dared to ask what she had done to get back in shape.

Diana Marua 3The babe admitted that her routine gym workouts had borne fruits by shaping her body in the right places and leaving her fit and glowing.

“I work out a lot! Number 2, I do intermittent fasting and since I sleep late at night and wake up very early in the morning, I don’t eat past 7pm. I even work out with Milly WaJesus, we are good friends” she came clean.

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