BBNaija eviction: It’s Goodbye Ozo and Tricky Tee!

Just like that nine weeks have swung by and the Big Brother Naija Lockdown season has entered its final week, but not without saying goodbye to two housemates, Tricky Tee and Ozo.

The Big Brother Naija Sunday live eviction show, live-streamed on Showmax, was truly a shocking one as 28-year old Ozoemena Chukwu, unarguably one of the most talked-about housemates this season, and 35-year old Timmy Sinclair aka Tricky Tee became the 13th and 14th evictees of the season.

Here’s what went down.

Clearing the air
Ebuka started by congratulating Nengi on Her Head of House win which secured her a spot in the finals.

Describing her week to Ebuka, Nengi shared that it had its ups and downs. Asked to shed light on what she meant by the downs, she said she had little misunderstandings with her closest friend in the house, Ozo, but they are cool as they always resolve any issue they have with each other immediately. Ebuka then asked her what exactly Ozo is to her and she said her best friend in the house.

Ebuka then moved to Neo and asked why he advised Ozo to “lock up” and free Nengi, referring to the advice he gave Ozo at the Saturday night party after the altercation between the pair. Neo said he just told Ozo to give Nengi space to miss him as what would be, would be. Ebuka then asked him to be clear and say if he feels Nengi is using him or Ozo is doing too much. Neo said he did not believe Ozo is doing too much as he knows Ozo as someone who is comfortable with doing a lot for someone he likes. He also said that he did not think Nengi was using Ozo.

Moving on to Vee, Ebuka asked how she convinced her team to change their choice of nomination after they had initially chosen someone else. Vee responded saying she didn’t think she convinced them, adding that everyone on her team had a fair chance to make a convincing case for who they wanted to nominate for eviction. When Ebuka asked if she was surprised that she won her teammates over at the last minute, she said she was.

The unexpected nomination twist
This week’s nomination process came with an unexpected and shocking twist as Biggie introduced a new method. After the Head of House games which Nengi won, gaining immunity, Big Brother told the remaining housemates to move to the part of the arena where there were six bowls, and asked each of them to open the bowls. Each bowl contained a headband with two colours (black and white) and the six housemates, except the Head of House, were automatically divided into two groups: team black and team white. Each team was to nominate two housemates from the opposing group for eviction and write it on a placard after which a representative from each team will reveal their choice in front of the other housemates at the lounge. Team Black consisting of Neo, Ozo and Dorathy nominated Laycon and Tricky Tee while Team White which had Vee, Laycon and Tricky Tee nominated Ozo and Dorathy.

The end of the road for Tricky Tee
Ebuka asked the nominated housemates to stand and after a long pause, he called Laycon telling him he was safe. Vee’s relief was palpable as she hugged Laycon, her close friend in the house.


Then Ebuka announced Tricky Tee as the 13th Evictee of the season. The housemates bade him goodbye as Biggie gave him ten seconds to leave the house.

Tricky Tee chats with Ebuka
After the eviction, Tricky Tee joined Ebuka on stage. Asked how he felt, he said he was good. Ebuka then asked him if he thought he was going this time seeing as he had survived so many evictions, Tricky said he was not certain and like other times he was up for eviction he just had faith and counted his blessings. Ebuka asked how he survived evictions for three weeks straight with the housemates saving him whenever he got to the bottom four and he said he didn’t know, but maybe they just liked him because he was free spirited.

Asked what he felt about the perception of some viewers and housemates that he knew how to gravitate towards power in the house, he said he had been cool with everybody. He didn’t remember being chummy with Ozo the two times he’d been Hof House, and he’d always been cool with Kiddwaya and Erica.

After viewing his highlights, Ebuka asked him if he thought the fact that he had a relationship outside the house had hindered him from having a relationship inside the house. He said it didn’t, adding that he liked Wathoni but he was all about friendships and not relationships. Ebuka then asked him what happened with Wathoni. He replied that he liked her but if something was going to happen he would have ensured it was on a friendship level inside the house and waited till after the show to pursue a relationship with her. For him, he was not like Ozo who was emotional with Nengi. When asked if he had a soft spot for any other housemate, he said he liked Dorathy because she was funny and had good vibes.

He concluded saying he would pursue his career in filmmaking and produce and create more music.

More questions
Back in the house, Ebuka asked Dorathy to be honest and say how she felt when the people up for eviction were called out and the only two people saved were a couple. She said it was too much of a coincidence and she was racking her head to figure out how it happened and did not know if it was planned. Ebuka further asked if she felt played, and she responded that she did.

Ebuka also asked Ozo the same question and he said decisions were made as a team, so his hands were tied. He added he was not disappointed that the rest of his team did not go along with the housemates he nominated when Ebuka asked if he was.

A shocker
After the round of questions, Ebuka asked the remaining nominated housemates to stand. Wishing them good luck, he pronounced Ozo the 14th evictee of the season. In an emotional goodbye to Nengi, he told her that he would wait for her on the outside, and she proceeded to break down in tears after he left the house.

Following his eviction, social media went wild, with some not surprised, and others shocked as he was believed to be a very strong contender.

Post-eviction interview
After the eviction, Ozo joined Ebuka on stage. He admitted that he wasn’t happy he had been evicted, but on the flipside was happy that Dorathy survived eviction, even at his own expense. Ebuka asked him when he started liking Nengi and he said it was during the third week, after his birthday. She came to settle things with him as they were not on speaking terms before then and there was just something about her that drew him closer.

After viewing his highlights, Ebuka asked him why he kept pushing even after Nengi had told him about her situation outside the house, and he said that he was drawn to her smartness and she had other great qualities that he loved and obviously she is attractive.

Ozo ended by thanking his parents, sisters and the organizers of Big Brother Naija and also added that he was all about sports development in Nigeria and helping people grow outside the house.

Celebration and a subtle reminder
Ebuka teased Nengi, seeing as she was crying over Ozo’s eviction and asked her if she wanted to join him, to which she said no. He then asked all the housemates to stand up and give themselves a group hug for making it to the finals. Asking if they were surprised that they were here, Neo emphatically said he was. He then advised the housemates to keep entertaining the viewers as this is an entertainment show and a lot of changes happen in the final week so they should not relax and feel they have made it. He also advised them to be patient as people will want to step on their toes in the final week. He ended with the pidgin quote: “Na who patient know say Agbalumo dey turn to chewing gum’’.


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