Video: SA President Cyril Ramaphosa blamed for Jerusalema Challenge gone wrong

Master KG ft Nomcebo Jerusalema song has since become a global anthem, this was pushed by the Jerusalema dance challenge. The Jerusalema dance challenge has been trending for more than 4 months on the global scene with celebrities like former Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo joining the challenge.

Despite the Jerusalema dance challenge success locally and globally, it also has its casualties, in Jerusalema dance failures.

Posted on Facebook by South African comedian Karou Charou, this dance failure deserves a place in the Epic dance failure records. The man in the video was let down by his loose pants which dropped while he was trying to polish his dancing skills.

For this I blame Cyril mama….he Choooned must do #jerusalema on Heritage day…. These okes were practicing… All for one… One Fall down

Facebook reactions to the Jerusalema dance failure:

“Those Pants are disrespectful he should get rid of them immediately”

“That is a good one this dance is a workout and could he have lost some weight so quick lol”

On his nation address last week, President Cyril Ramaphosa congratulated Master KG and Nomcebo on their global success with the Jerusalema hit.

He urged South Africans to do the Jerusalema dance challenge to celebrate Heritage Day.

“I urge everyone to use Heritage Day as family time. To remember those who have lost their lives and to quietly rejoice in the progress we made. I urge everyone to participate in the Jerusalema challenge. Jerusalema a song that I love very much,” he said.

I urge everyone to use this public holiday as family time, to reflect on the difficult journey we have all traveled, to remember those who have lost their lives, and to quietly rejoice in the remarkable and diverse heritage of our nation.

“And there can be no better celebration of our South African-ness than joining the global phenomenon that is the Jerusalema dance challenge.”

“So, I urge all of you to take up this challenge on Heritage Day and show the world what we are capable of.”

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