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Bahati escapes as Betty Kyallo’s ‘Somali Bae’ is arrested by police during charity drive

City politician Alinur Mohammed was today arrested by uniformed police officers at Kamukunji grounds, Nairobi.

Mohammed, who is popularly known as “Somali Bae” from his rumoured relationship with Betty Kyalo, was in the company of singer Bahati distributing food to locals in the region. His food distribution program has been running for two days now.

The politician was arrested and put at the back of a police Land cruiser without a clear explanation of why. Something interesting is that Bahati managed to escape the police the minute they arrived at the packed scene.

Bahati was with him right until the police arrived and then he disappeared somewhere in the crowd and avoided the fracas.

Bahati later reemerged on social media to post a message for Mohammed saying: All Will be Well 🙏🙏🙏 You will Always come out Stronger @honalinur

Here’s how fans reacted:
omar__adan Ulipotea kama umeme after kuona askari, you should have at least stood with him then. 🙏

mahat_ibnu_mohamed_official Umehepa wapi🤣🤣

alex_carrix Mwanaume ni kusimama na mwenzake. You proved to be mtoto wa Diana after kuhepa @honalinur juu ya makarao.

clifffmotaroki Manze na si ulitoka teke?…

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