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See what Size 8 got up to when DJ Mo was allegedly accused of cheating

If you don’t know by now, DJ Mo has been trending for the wrong reasons the past one day. He has been accused of allegedly cheating with popular actress Joyce Maina. As we would find out, the photo showing the actress with a mysterious man was misleading; it wasn’t the DJ in the picture.

We can only imagine what was happening at the Murayas that day. Were they talking? Were they together? Remember, Size 8 unfollowed DJ Mo on Instagram, further fueling the rumors.

Size 8Well, turns out Mama Wambo isn’t about all that bad energy. She continued her day as usual. She took her kids out for a treat. Later in the evening, they went to PrideInn Lantana in Nairobi for dinner.

The mother of two took to Instagram to share a video of them having dinner at the plush hotel. Her response to the controversy has been impeccable; none. Instead, she proceeded to do her own thing.

On the other hand, DJ Mo spent the day running errands, including participating in an interview at Ghetto Radio to promote a product he is endorsing. Seems like they’ve both gone through a lot and dealing with negativity is the last thing they could do.

Last November, Size 8 had a very difficult experience delivering her newest baby, a boy. She opened up about the experience in an interview.

“In life learn to appreciate your spouse and children. For me, getting here is a miracle. I almost died several times because of this pregnancy. It does not matter whether you have Sh10 million or Sh1 million; if you do not have life, you cannot enjoy what you have,” she said.

That was a hell of an experience. Since then, she has chosen to lead a relatively less pronounced lifestyle in the limelight. Given that she has always loved and adored DJ Mo, we can only wait and see what happens next.

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