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Men left thirsty at the sight of Sanaipei Tande’s Juicy B00bs

Sanaipei Tande is one of the most beautiful entertainers in Kenya. She has a soulful voice and a banger body to match with. In fact, most young Kenyan men want to have a piece of her, despite her being 35.

Sana has maintained her s.e.x.y figure over the years and still looks very s.e.x.y, even now. Some prominent public figures, including Maina Kageni and Otile Brown have narrated how they wanted to have something with her.

Sanaipei 5For Maina’s case, it was totally different. The Classic 105 presenter wanted Sana to have a child for him since he cannot commit to relationships.

“I actually made an indecent proposal to her, I told her, I don’t want a relationship but have a baby for me. And she used to joke around the corridors, baba nani, mama nani when I told her I was dead serious. Coz, she just got all the genes you would want in a baby aki Sana aliundwa on a Sunday,” he said via his YouTube channel back in April.

Sanaipei 6For Otile Brown, he had a better chance. When he worked on “Chaguo La Moyo” with Sana, the song became an instant hit. It currently has 21 million views on YouTube.

Otile confessed that they almost had a thing.

“By the way, this was to happen ever since Chaguo la Moyo, if I didn’t link up with my ex there was something kind of happening between me and her. It was starting but it didn’t really work because my ex came in, you understand. She is a very special person to me,” he said. Otile was referring to his on and off Ethiopian girlfriend, Nabila.

Sanaipei Tande 3However, now he calls him his sister, despite her being fine as hell. Kenyan men on the other hand don’t care if she is taken or not. When she posted a hot pic on Twitter, they shamelessly thirsted on her.

Sanaipei 4One even proceeded to ask who ‘eats’ her, and if he could apply for the job, LOL!

Here’s what we got:

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