Listen to the New Song by Alicia Keys & Diamond Platnumz’ ‘Wasted Energy’

Tanzanian star Diamond Platnumz features on Alicia Keys’ latest album titled, ALICIA.

Platnumz’ influence is clear as the song, titled “Wasted Energy,” is a far cry from what is usually expected from the “If I Ain’t Got You” singer.

Taking cues and influence from reggae, afropop and the bongo flava that the Tanzanian star is known for, “Wasted Energy” speaks of a lover in a relationship with someone who intentionally ignores their needs and desires.

Diamond And Alicia keysThis is Alicia’s seventh student album and, according to the singer, her most personal one yet. In an interview with Zane Lowe for Apple Music, Keys said of the record:

“This is so deep. Because I feel like I have, for the first time, been most fully myself now. In the beginning, I was very myself. I really was. Although I was unsure of this crazy world that I was in and I definitely didn’t know the rules or how to do it or exactly what I was doing, I was very sure of myself. I knew that I was a young woman. I’m boyish. I’m not trying to be all pretty and girly. I got my piano. I got my songs. I got my braids. Don’t try to make me do this. Don’t talk to me about that. Don’t bring me no flower dresses and sh-t. This is me. Take me or leave me, I don’t care.”

Check out the visual video for “Wasted Energy” here.

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