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Keter hits at Ruto for ‘pretending to be a Christian’ attending different churches

Nandi Hills Member of Parliament Alfred Keter has hit out at Deputy President William Ruto for pretending to be a Christian by attending different churches.

According to Keter, politicians are ‘loitering’ in different churches but do not belong to any church.

“It is not about the leadership, It is any person even you as a Christian. Let us not be Christians only on Sundays, let us be Christians on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday up to the next weekend even as a leadership,” said Keter.

Ruto and KeterAccording to Keter, politicians are ‘loitering’ in different churches but do not belong to any church.

“I have seen there are many politicians loitering different churches but u are never in that certain church. Every Sunday you are in a different church either Jeshi la Wokovu, the other week you are with the Muslims, the other you are with the Hindu. We have different doctrines… If you are a Catholic remain as a Catholic that is your faith,” said Keter.

Ruto 3Keter who spoke during the memorial service of Margret Njomo, mother to Kiambu constituency MP Jude Njomo, said that one does don’t need to prove to be a leader or God fearing by going to all the churches all the time.

“You can go once or two times in an year so that you can show brotherhood or as a good neighbor, but you can not show up in different churches every week every month every year,” said Keter.

DP Ruto has been known to have a soft spot for churches where he has transversed the country attending different church functions and fundraisers.

Ruto has said he will not stop supporting religious organizations and youth empowerment activities, following criticism on his philanthropies.

Last Friday at his Sugoi home in Uasin Gishu, the DP said he is not ashamed of his God and is unapologetic of his faith.

Ruto 2“I sympathize with those who keep on complaining about my giving in churches, going to the church as well as helping youth and women improve their lives. Does it mean they don’t have something else to do?” he posed.

On Thursday, some bishops and pastors in the North Rift extended their support to Ruto’s close relationship with churches, his cash donations and handouts, saying they need his help.

The Clergymen led by Bishop Simon Kemei said any money or handouts given to the church was cleansed and sanctified regardless of its source.

“As clergy, we are very happy with what the DP is doing for churches because we believe he has been touched by the hand of God to see the need of the church and use the resources available to him so he can intervene and help,” Kemei said.

Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga and leaders loyal to him, have since questioned the source of DP Ruto donations.

“We have seen him giving out every time where does he get that money from and we all know his salary,” Raila said.

Ruto in response said, “Giving in churches and any other place is a personal initiative. If they don’t want to give in churches or help the youth, then they can do something else instead of criticizing what I am doing. They should not be bothered with what am doing.”

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