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Is DJ Mo cheating on Size 8? Here’s the evidence

A lot of rumors have been swirling around DJ Mo’s alleged infidelity. What people wanted is the truth and it has come out! DJ Mo seemed unbothered by the accusations. In fact, yesterday, he went about his day normally.

He visited Ghetto Radio for a product promo. Instagram in-laws have been digging to find out the truth. It seems that we finally have it! Many have asked, why would DJ Mo cheat on such a beautiful wife (who is thick, yaani amebeba) with a much slender girl (no offense). Plus, they seem to be a perfect family!

Size 8 and DJ MoTheir YouTube channel is filled with adorable videos as a family. Could it go down the same road as it did with Franky and Maureen Waititu? Well, it is too early to tell. After all, Cardi B surprised the world by ditching Offset after months of cheating rumors.

So as we reported, the girl accused of cheating with DJ Mo finally responded. She played a mind game on her fans, asking them why they haven’t known the name of her man despite having Edgar Obare on the case.

“All that snooping and y’all still don’t have a name (laughing emojis”, she said.

She suggested that her man may not even be on social media. She left it at that. It wasn’t long before someone unveiled the mystery man. In the photo of them posing, you can’t see the man’s face because his face is covered with an emoji. However, we have a clue that it definitely isn’t DJ Mo.

You see, DJ Mo has a tattoo on his hand. The man doesn’t. Even though their hands and skin tone are so similar, you can tell that it is not the same person. Here’s a big difference.

DJ Mo’s up-close photo of his hand.

DJ Mo handsThe man’s hand.

Joyce Maina instagramSo, now that we know that it is not DJ Mo..who could it be? Well, Joyce Maina celebrated her birthday on 18th September, with her friends, the likes of Shaq The Youngin and Barack Jacuzzi.

One of her friends (called Nana) made the mistake of posting the man. He had a red t-shirt on, the same that he wore in the photo that Joyce posted to tease her man. You can clearly see that it is not DJ Mo.

While the man isn’t tagged in the photos, you can tell that he is a different guy!

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