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46-year-old Kirinyaga woman jumps into a well after fight with husband

Residents of Mukinduri village in Kirinyaga had an uphill task on Friday afternoon while trying to rescue a 46-year-old woman Jane Wanjiku who had jumped into a 50-foot well.

Wanjiku had gone missing on Thursday after an altercation with her husband according to her father.

She has been staying in her parents compound with her husband at a house they were given when they got married.

It is not clear what led the woman into risking her life, but residents were unable to flush her out as she was deliberately foiling plans for her rescue.

Videos shared online showed locals wielding all manners of odds and ends; water buckets, ropes and twigs attempting to save the woman.

The family finally managed to fish her from the well with the help of firefighters from the county government of Kirinyaga.

She was rushed to the Kerugoya Referral Hospital where she was admitted.

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