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Watch : Jalang’o drooling over Tanasha Donna’s controversial pic

Tanasha Donna rattled the Internet after her recent photo parading her long, s.e.x.y legs on camera went viral.

A photo that has trapped majority of guys including a married Jalas. Kamene and Jalang’o decided to give their two cents on Donna’s s.e.x.y photo during their morning show before Jalang’o was spotted tripping over Ms Donna’s legs.

Tanasha DonnaThe kid was screaming in studio and Kamene, who had yet to get the memo or come across the photo that got everyone talking, was left hanging.

Before a thirsty Jalas was caught on camera eyes glued to his phone and a dear Kamene warned him to stop drooling over other women like that while he actually has a wife at home.

“Unajua ukona wife Jalas haufai kufanya vitu ka hizo.”

Feeling attacked by the lass, the comedian clapped back saying;

“Noo, I’m just saying, if something is good, then why should I not say it’s good?”

This saw Kamene get uncomfortable with his kind of reactions, swinging in her chair and occasionally throwing short glances at Jalas.

Finally Kamene got to see the most talked about photo of Tanasha and she could also not help gasp at the sexy babe.

“Eh! Those legs!”

Handing back the phone to Jalas, Kamene instead encouraged her co-host to have his good time with the photo because anyway, it was probably worth the time.

Wild reactions
Fans on the comment section could not decide whose side to take and who to oppose, igniting mixed reactions.

“Umeona hiyo picha wewe? Na unaniambia mambo ya bibi” napenda tu jalas bure 🤣🤣🤣🤣

john_gakuru Jalas Don’t do this to your wife…she might not complain but this ain’t the good way to comment on another woman while you have a wife bro…. Make her proud

emoraa868 JALAS WEE,, u aniambia mbona ya bibi😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂Kitu kizuri hichooo

ruthnyaudo jalas ni fisi sana, hata hafichangi 😂😂

festokelvinmisoi Kama ni kizuri kipewe sifa🔥🔥

eve.rry nothing is serious yaye is jst appreciating nature😂😂 wife will understand macho haina pasia

loymio_decipha 😂😂😂😂 that was my exact reaction too bana!!

_k_kid_ Mbona ni naona ni kama kamene hio stori haijambamba😂😂💔anaforce hio reaction tu😂

mose.oti Chibuu hatapata usingizi akiona hii😂

oliviaaochieng Jalas jaluo knows how to appreciate like a luo would say it.🔥🔥

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