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Lilian Muli’s beach photos answer all our questions about her s.e.x.y body

Kenyans have been dissecting and analyzing Lilian Muli’s body like a football match for years now.

Has she bleached her skin? Why does she always keep that hairstyle? Is she that short? A lot has been asked.

Recently, Kenyans were all over her trying to understand whether her bbs00 are real as some were claiming she’s using padding to make them look bigger…or as the fans defined them, juicer.

“All-natural honey,” Said Muli while firing back.

“Can’t change who I am but if my chest makes you uncomfortable look elsewhere.”

Well, it seems Kenyans kept looking and eventually go their answer.

Lilian MuliThe news anchor last week was in Diani and one thing fans clearly noticed was that her b00bs were as big as she suggested. No paddings.

Muli shared several photos revealing her babies and left most of her fans rather satisfied.

Here are the photos:

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