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Kenyans react to Brown Mauzo dating Vera Sidika

Vera Sidika is said to be dating artiste Brown Mauzo after dumping Tanzanian doctor Jimmy Chansa like rancid porridge.

The two have been sharing videos driving together and spending some time at Vera’s newly relaunched beauty parlour in Nyali, Mombasa.

Fans unmasked the mystery man that Vera has been dating as Mauzo. This is after Sidika exposed his tattoo.

The bootylicious socialite seems to be so much in love with Mauzo and we hope it’s not another publicity stunt/kiki because she’s good at doing things just to trend.

In an interview with Jalangó a few days ago, Vera said she was in a relationship and was happy. She’s known for dating foreigners and locally she has only dated Otile Brown and now Mauzo.

Kenyans have reacted to the relationship with many warning Mauzo to expect the worst after they break up, that is, if they’re seriously dating.

Below are mixed reactions from Kenyans.

miss_khayubia 😂😂😂😂Brown si alikua na Amberay juzi

anzall24 It will end in tears.

angelomontana Ata Offset na Cardi B waliachana hi nayo ni kalongolongo tu 😂😂

bush_master 😂 😂 😂 Vera na hawa browns… Next ni Chris Brown

legit_afrikn Ataambiwa akona nini ndogo 😂😂let’s wait for the drama 😂😂😂😂😂😂

damnit.kitaa Aish Vera ameamua ni Otile 2.0

alexerkeyz 😂😂😂 uyo Mauzo ataachwa mchana tukiona😂😂🙌

wiko_Vera ana penda tu ma BROWN💀 Otile… tana sasa ni ….MAUZO💀

baby_ras Huyo mauzo si alikua wa Amberray juzi ai.

wambovic Hope yako sio kama ya Otile juu utaaibishwa dunia mzima

cynthiakimanyim Sisi kama Kamati ya Rohan chafu 😂😂 Mtaachana tu 😂

agrippina_pinnah And the drama continues😂😂

s.p.e.n.c.e.r. 😂😂wah io mzigo yoote mauzo ataweza kweli

lizy_saha Mfupa ulio shindikana kwa simba wewe panya utaweza??

santasansey Wataachana tu….Amber ametemwa😂

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