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Anita Nderu’s clap back to trolls criticizing her after coming out

Anita Nderu finally came out after years of hiding her true se-xuality! Well, the lady confirmed that she is indeed part of the LGBTQ community through a tweet that left many Kenyans talking.

Apart from being trolled for talking about having kids in future; Kenyans went on to remind the lady of the process involved in having kids. To them a lady and a lady cannot have children – and since most continue to assume that she is a full blown lesbian then there is no way pregnancy will happen!

Anita Nderu 3Other fans went on to talk about the African culture; lessons passed down from our ancestors. However we also cannot forget that this is the 21st century and people and things continue to change day by day.

Anyway responding to the criticism through her Instagram account; the 30 year old went on to reveal that no harm was done. To caption her post, Anita Nderu write;

“Niko tu”

And it seems that most of the harsh comments and criticism fell into deaf ears. Having gotten used to how the online community is, Anita Nderu must have been prepared for whatever stones thrown her way by fans!

To her, life will continue as usual as many think of ways to bring her down; but her confidence clearly proves that she cares less about other people’s opinion.

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