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Whiskey Chocolate Balls – a divine indulgence

Looking for a little midnight indulgence? Or even an early evening or midday treat? These Whiskey Chocolate Balls are simply divine and so easy to create. The dark and milk chocolate gently melts in a whiskey-cream mixture before it is chilled and shaped into delicious bite-size chocolate balls and dusted with cacao powder.

You can always experiment with different alcohol varieties. Be creative and coat the chocolate balls in sprinkles, finely chopped pecan nuts or whatever your feel will go well with the alcohol variety of choice. Cacao powder works best with whiskey as per this recipe.

Whip these Whiskey Chocolate Balls up for special occasions like birthdays or have them ready for entertaining guests. Or place a few in a cute little gift box as a surprise for someone special. Simply divine.

125 ml coconut cream

250 ml dark chocolate

250 ml milk chocolate

1 cup diced coconut

1 cup broken biscotti

5 ml whiskey

50 ml dark cacao powder

1.Heat the coconut cream in a saucepan. Remove from the heat.
2.Add the chocolate until melted. Add the dry ingredients and whiskey and stir well.
3.Allow to cool for 5 minutes.
4.Roll in balls and dust with cacao powder.

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