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Watch : Diana Marua blasts Bahati as she rejects his gift on camera

Gospel singer Kevin Bahati’s wife, Diana, was not too pleased after he gave her a gift that she did not want and had not asked for.

The Wanani hitmaker had noticed that Diana frequents the gym so he thought it wise to get her a smart watch that would show her how many calories she is shedding and what not.

After a work out session, Bahati decided to surprise her with the gift but she was not happy about it and told him to keep it.

Diana MaruaApparently, Diana had been expecting a brand new phone from her lover and when she saw the package she thought he had decided to upgrade her phone but that was not the case.

Feeling displeased, the mother of two claimed that Bahati had bought the watch for himself and wanted to pass it off as her gift only to keep it after she declines it.

“Really? Is this yours or mine. I thought you were getting me a phone. I don’t need a watch. I appreciate but you can do better honestly. Mimi si mzungu. My expectations were higher. It’s not even feminine,” she remarked.

Watch the video below:

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