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‘Luwi’ from the soapie Maria says the fame has ruined his private life

Popular TV actor Brian Ogana famed for his role as Luwi Hausa on Citizen TV’s high flying soap Opera “Maria” recently opened up about his role and life since joining the program.

According to Ogana who has been on the Soapie for more than a year now,
his career has really grown since joining.

“It has been crazy in the sense that, this thing has not sunk in for me. I usually carry myself like, I’m this normal person and I can meet a fan on the street and they shout, ‘hey Luwi!’ and then I will take a few steps ahead before realizing they are talking to me and I turn back and greet them,” he said in an interview with Parents Magazine.

Ogana revealed that the program blew up in such a way that no one expected. That, however, has come at a huge price.

“It hasn’t really sunk in. It is crazy, i never imagined that this program would shake and revamp the entire industry that is how big it is. The moment you hear kids singing the Maria theme song, it is a big deal.”

“It is both a blessing and a curse. Blessing in the form that it has revamped the entire industry. Curse in the fact that here it is, now I no longer own my personal life it is owned by the public because they want this.”


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