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Video: Diana Marua’s nightmare with using a particular contraceptive

Contraceptives are a very popular topic of discussion especially among couples that are trying to do the whole family planning system. In most cases, these couples want to enjoy their coitus rights but do not want to conceive ,well at least in the moment they choose to use contraceptives.

For some, the process might be easy while for others, finding the perfect contraceptive might cost you your well being.

For Bahati’s wife, Diana Marua, her choice of contraceptive, the family planning coil known as the Non-hormonal IUD coil became a nightmare to her that she later resolved never to use it again in her lifetime.

Diana and BahatiWhile sharing her experience on her YouTube channel, the mother of two stated that her doctor advised that she get rid of any foreign material in her body, after she reported a swelling happening in her body.

Family planning guys…I have a history of swelling my left foot since high school, imekuwa on and off. I have been to hospitals severally, done so many tests but hakuna kiti ilikuwa inashow. Late on iliwacha tu kufura yenyewe, and that was it. But the last 5 days hii mguu ilianza tu kufura with a lot of pain. So the Doctor suggested we get rid of any foreign material in my body.”

Her husband, popular musician Bahati who happened to be a part of the conversation, chipped in saying,“When we went to the hospital The doctor suggested that she put rid of the contraceptive she was using because he didn’t want to take chances with anything”

Her Gynecologist went ahead to clarify on the whole situation giving some much needed advice when it comes to the coil and the whole process of removing and monitoring the progress of her body after.

Ms Marua also shared her troubling near ‘death experience’ with hormonal imbalance that left her face swollen with bad breakouts.

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