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Mzansi Dance Queen Zodwa Wabantu shows off her Snake Mamlambo

Zodwa Wabantu has a Money Snake! According to the source, if you do not comply with the demands of the Mamlambo, the consequences can be dire. In some cases, children can even inherit their parents’ servitude of uMamlambo.

Zodwa Wabantu’s most recent post in which she jokingly claims to be introducing her followers to her Mamlambo has resulted in a series of polarising comments.

Those who understand that the entertainer was just joking have expressed their amusement at the post with comments such as “Can I also have one.. angifuni ukuzi roba” [I don’t want to sell myself short] and “it’s good to see Mamlambo once again besengiyibuza sowashonaphi [I was wondering where she had disappeared to]. How long is she? I need to see her live mani Zodwa.”

Zodwa Wabantu

Others could not get over their own fear of snakes, while some felt the concept uMamlambo was not something to joke about.“The way I am scared of snakes, even watching you play with it freaks me out,” said one user, while another added “Udlala kakbi ngoku mtase, yini ndiyoyika kangaka inyoka,” [you’re not playing fair now, why am I so afraid of snakes?”]

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In More News – “I’m used to people staring at my s.e.x.y curves”

Beautiful actress, Moji Oyetayo has stated that she’s used to people staring at her s.e.xy curves with their mouths agape with incredulity.

According to the star of Mama Ajasco, “Since when I was 11, I have been this big and curvy, so I am used to people staring at me. I am used to people talking whenever they see me. I am used to people opening their mouths agape when they see me. I am also used to people smiling and blowing me kisses.

Sometimes, I really can do without the attention, most especially when I am not in a good mood. I am proud of the way I am. I am a disciplined person. When it comes to male admiration, I only appreciate them and move on. But you will not see me with a man today and another tomorrow. I am not one of such women, I am very strict.” Learn More

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