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DPP says the CCTV footage in Kevin Omwenga murder case was tampered with

The Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) now says that the CCTV footage in the Kilimani murder case involving Kelvin Omwenga, businessman Chris Obure and his bodyguard Robert Bodo was tampered with.

The prosecution was responding to an application in which Obure challenged the murder charge, saying he would best serve the interests of justice as a state witness.

The prosecution explained that investigations into the murder had placed Obure within the vicinity of the crime scene on the fateful night.

Chris and RobertIn an affidavit by Sergeant Bashir Boya Segelan,the decision to charge the applicant with murder was informed by the sufficiency of evidence on record and the public interest.

“That the contention by the ex-parte applicant that the case against him is oppressive and malicious and amounts to an abuse of court process and is bad in law,” the prosecution says in the response.

Kevin Omwenga porscheThe DPP wants the application be dismissed and Obure to be charged with the offence of murder.

The businessman’s legal team led by lawyer Danstan Omari blamed the DCI and the DPP for not securing the scene of crime – Obure’s office where the gun was taken from- and getting the CCTV footage on time.

“Had the footage be obtained on time, things would have been different,”court was told.

Chris Obure and Robert OukoHigh court Judge Mumbi Ngugi will deliver her ruling on the application on Wednesday.

On Monday, the judge had deffered the plea taking to Wednesday after Obure challenged the murder charge.

The businessman threw his bodyguard under the bus accusing him of breaking into his office and stealing the gun with which the deceased was killed.

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