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Watch : Alfred Mutua Launches 2022 Presidential Bid Promising 5 million Jobs

Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua on Sunday, September 6, formally declared his candidacy for President ahead of the 2022 General Elections.

Mutua promised that he would feature on the ballot on a Maendelo Chap Chap (MCC) party ticket.

Alfred Mutua 3At a closed-door event, Mutua delivered a passionate speech in front of the cameras promising a new dawn for governance in Kenya.

Alfred Mutua 4He lamented against vices that have become the defining traits of politics in Kenya, including corruption and ethnic mobilisation.

Mutua stated that he was driven to throw his hat in the ring after being approached by numerous Kenyans including disillusioned youth.

Vowing to deal with the unemployment menace, Mutua promised that, if elected, he would create 5 million jobs by 2025.

Mutua argued that the dream of the country’s forefathers at independence had been lost, further comparing Kenya to a computer that needed a reboot.

The proposed reset forms the crux of Mutua’s campaign platform, as evidenced by his campaign tagline, ‘A fresh movement’.

“At independence, our parents, our freedom fighters, wept with joy as they watched our flag rise and that of the colonialists lowered. We were hopeful. We told ourselves, we will be rich, we will be developed, we will be happy.

“We need to start afresh. We need to change the way things are done & the way leaders serve. We need something new – a fresh start,” he declared.

Alfred Mutua 2He cited his record as Government Spokesperson and later Governor of Machakos County as evidence of his ability to steer the country.

The 50-year old Mutua further argued that the country needed a young and dynamic leadership.

Alfred MutuaHe maintained that under his leadership, the economy would be a key focus and promised to grow it to catch up with developed nations.

“If we don’t (get a fresh start), 50 years from today we will be asking the same questions we are asking today while languishing in poverty as the rest of the world leaves us way behind. I have agonised about the pain and the political circus going in our country,” he stated.

Watch his speech:

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