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Liqui Fruit warning: Do not drink these items – they may ‘contain glass’

Pioneer Foods in South Africa has issued a warning to consumers this weekend – after a catastrophic production error led to the company recalling one of their most well-known brands. Certain types of Liqui Fruit cans now have to be removed from stores, or returned to retailers for a refund, as some products may contain glass’.

The urgent recall was issued via a statement earlier on Sunday. Pioneer Foods have listed the affected Liqui Fruit cans:

  • It is understood that only one particular product has been affected – the Liqui Fruit red grape 330ml can.
  • All cans with the outer case barcode 6001240225615 are affected
  • Any cans with the side barcode 6001240225592 must also be recalled.
  • Items with the best before dates of either 01. 04. 2021 or 01. 04. 2021 cannot be consumed under any circumstances.

The National Consumer Commission has been made aware of this alarming development, and they will now monitor the process of recalling all affected products. The glass particles have been flagged specifically within a particular batch, and all other brands of Liqui Fruit separate from the red grape 330ml cans have not been affected.

Liqui Fruit“Pioneer Foods has informed the National Consumer Commission (NCC) of its intention to recall a batch of Liqui Fruit red grape 330ml cans. The information we have is that glass particles have been found in the product.

“This poses a health risk to the public if consumed. We urge people who bought this product to stop drinking it immediately and return it back to the retailer of purchase for a full refund. The NCC will now monitor the recall process.”
-Pioneer Foods statement

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