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Jalang’o spotted with ‘new’ car worth a whooping Ksh. 15 Million

Kiss FM’s Jalang’o is a man who loves cars. Some of the cars in his possessions include a Land Rover Discovery and the latest Toyota Land Cruiser V8 200 Series which he bought to celebrate his new job at Kiss.

In the past, he has been spotted in a Ksh. 18 million Bentley. This time around, he was spotted in a Ksh. 15 million 2017 Range Rover Velar. That’s an estimate based on the customization it has. A used version can go to as low as Ksh. 12 million.

He took it on a trip to Nyanza to attend the late Kevin Oliech’s funeral. Mike Sonko and Babu Owino were among the attendees.

Most people don’t know that most of the cars belong to his friends, and he only owns a few. He usually borrows them for a day or two.

Jalango CarWhen he was spotted with a Mercedes Maybach, he had to clear the air so that people don’t label him as Mr. Fake It To Make It.

“I really don’t have a new car. The car everybody is talking about is not my car. That is my friend’s car. Most of the cars you see me posing with belong to my friends. I have a few cars but the Mercedes Maybach belongs to a close friend of mine,” he revealed in a media interview.

“He allowed me to have a ride in it. It is a Maybach S600. I saw a few people wonder whether it is a Mercedes or a Maybach. Mercedes is the family of Maybach. It goes up to Ksh 40 million shillings,” Jalang’o added.

In as much as he owns some expensive cars, his collection cannot exceed 10 million. So before you get pressured to take a long to buy a high-end car or live in a luxurious apartment, think twice.

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