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Four nominated female MCAs expelled over misconduct in West Pokot

Women leaders from west Pokot county have protested the move to expel four nominated female members of county assembly over misconduct and failure to adhere to party guidelines.

The four female MCA’ s are; Grace Rengei, Jackline Ripoo, Nancy Chombir and Josephine Chepurum.

The four received expulsion letters from KANU secretary general Nick Salat.

Nick SalatThe four MCAs allied to area governor John Lonyangapuo were expelled over misconduct and failure to adhere to party guidelines and code of ethics.

In the letter, Salat cited refusal to remit monthly membership subscription fee, failure to adhere to the loyalty pledge, failure to defend and promote the party positions among the reasons for expulsion.

The move is expected to ignite political differences between top Kanu leaders and Lonyangapuo.

The leaders, led by Maendeleo ya Wanawake Chairperson in the County Selly Chepkiror, condemned the move and asked the party to rescind the move.

Kanu“The explosion was done in wrong move since the four did not commit any crime. Lest stop sacrificing our daughter because of political differences,” she said.

One of the expelled MCAs Reng’ei said they were expelled because they were supporting the proposal to change the West Pokot County assembly majority and chief whip leadership positions.

Rengei said 12 members of county assembly from the county faced the disciplinary committee but the committee has only expelled four.

“The party has not explained clearly why it has dismissed us from our positions. We were twelve who faced the disciplinary committee we wonder why they only decided to dismiss female only,” she said.

“Cartels should stop misleading party leadership since we are loyal to our party.”

She said they have been paying monthly remittances and have never insulted Kanu.

The women have threatened to ditch the independence party saying that the party leaders Gideon Moi and Salat should come out clear over the matter.

Previously, the party had asked six MCAs from West Pokot County assembly to appear before the disciplinary committee in June over misconduct but only two availed themselves before the committee.

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