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Watch – Man grabs Vera Sidika’s fat @ss to confirm if it’s ‘not plastic’

Before Vera Sidika even bleached, she used to do major stunts. Of late, she has been struggling. In fact, she has closed down her parlor business twice. The most recent closure took place when she announced that she is relocating her business to the coast. It was based in the Westlands.

In a recent interview with the media, she explained that she has “relocated to Mombasa from Nairobi and moved the business with me. Yes, I am rebranding, it’s bigger and better!” Her new location will be in Nyali, right behind City Mall.

This seems timely as a few months ago, she unveiled her new mansion which is in Mombasa. Her previous house was in Kitisuru in Nairobi’s Gachie area.

Vera Sidika 2A video of her big bum bum being played with has emerged. It is an old video but it gets people talking from time to time. The man in question is Shaffie Weru, who staged the stunt while he was still a morning show host at Kiss 100.

In the video, Shaffie Weru dons a physician’s overall and ventures in a ‘journey’ to find out if Vera’s butt is real or fake.

“Look at it wiggle, wiggle. It can move to the right, to the left…and I can show you…I doubt she is wearing any underwear,” he says.

Vera on the other hand felt that he was just using it as an excuse so as to feel the texture of her butt.

“It’s real, very spongy. Nothing plastic about this a**,” he goes ahead to proclaim.

Here’s the video, enjoy it for yourself.

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