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President Uhuru’s look-alike ‘Uhunyee’ gifted with a brand new car

President Uhuru Kenyatta look-alike Michael Njogo popularly known as ‘Uhunyee was Umoo’ has been awarded with a brand new Nissan Note vehicle by Maridady Motors.

The motor dealer’s CEO Eric Mwangi said on Friday that the gift is part of their corporate social responsibility and was not a public relations stunt.

“Last year during the Small Enterprise Entrepreneur awards, we were awarded as the best company in social corporate responsibility category. Gifting Njogo is one of the things we do and it is not an advertising stunt,” Mwangi said.

Mwangi noted that through their slogan of ‘Trusting the process’ they aim at uplifting Kenyans hit by the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Many Kenyans are trying to cope with the brunt of Covid-19 any when we saw Uhunyee on media platforms and by reaching out to him, he told us that he used to have a taxi but the business went down. That is where we came in to help him,” Mwangi said during the handover.

Michael Njogo carHe said their customer base targets taxi drivers since the vehicles involved are affordable and easy to maintain. The vehicle they gifted Njogo costs around Sh600,000.

“Njogo wants to continue with the taxi business and he is the one who chose the vehicle he wanted after giving him the opportunity to do so. We took him through training on personal management and was also counseled on personal life matters, including family and we are sure he is focused on propelling his life further to success,” Mwangi added.

Njogo said his small bar business was hit by the pandemic leading to closure.“I am a businessman and as Kenyans are hit by the Covid-19 pandemic, I was not spared but through God’s plan, Maridady approached me after seeing me on the media to help me out,” Njogo said.

Njogo said since he has been in taxi business before, he will make sure he does well and adds another vehicle.

Michael Njogo“It is not true that I had earlier been awarded a Lexus worth Sh15 million that was doing the rounds on [social] media. I do not need a big car that I cannot be able to manage. I want to start small and build my way up,” said Njogo.

He said he is not associated with the First Family as has been rumoured, adding that he now wants to live his own life like before.

“The media has tried to fish about me and I say that I do not have any blood ties with the First Family,” Njogo said.

His wife, Cynthia, said it is a time for their star to shine.

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