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Lady Gaga’s wild outfits at the 2020 MTV VMAs

Lady Gaga has always ruled the MTV Video Music Awards, going back to 2010 when she wore a dress made out of raw meat.

But her outfit performance in pandemic 2020 was something special.

Gaga was the night’s most out-there winner even when she wasn’t taking home five awards, including artist of the year and best song and best collaboration for “Rain on Me” with Ariana Grande.

Her nine outlandish outfits, and the ongoing face mask fashion display, is what Lady Gaga will be remembered for – not to mention her moments playing on a brain piano.

Here’s how Gaga rocked the VMAs.

Best and worst moments: The 2020 VMAs – from Lady Gaga’s pandemic-chic outfits to eerie fake crowds

lady gaga 6Gaga rocked the space face mask even before the virtual show, hosted by Keke Palmer, began. She went outer space glam with a fishbowl astronaut helmet, a silver Area coat and black platform boots that pushed her into orbit. It’s fitting. The VMA trophy is called a Moon Person, after all.

“THE MOTHER MONSTER HAS LANDED!!!!!” the VMA official account tweeted next to a picture of Gaga’s arrival.

Lady gaga 5She rocked the pink gas mask accepting best collaboration

Gaga accepted the best-collaboration award for “Rain on Me” with Grande in this multi-color feathered ensemble by Iris van Herpen and a pink gas mask. “Me and Ariana are truly soul sisters,” said Gaga. She even blew a kiss to the fans through her mask.

Gaga horned her way into accepting song of the year

Lady gaga 4Accepting song of the year honors for her collaboration with Grande on “Rain on Me,” Gaga donned a voluminous Christopher John Rogers ballgown and a face mask with horns, or tusks. “Winning for best song has to be my favorite,” she said from the stage.

Gaga was light as a feather accepting artist of the year

Lady gaga 3The artist sported a sequin body suit with a matching face mask and a voluminous feathers coat to accept artist of the year. She said of her career that she was “on a mission to spread joy through culture and music.”

She went futuristic sport performing ‘Rain on Me’

Arianna Grande and LadyGaga featured multiple costume changes just during her stunning musical performance, including a futurist sports bra look performing “Rain on Me” with Grande. That included an electronic face mask through which she sang lyrics (Grande went for a more standard black mask look).

Lady Gaga brain pianoGaga disappeared with Grande and re-emerged, in a new outfit, for a solo stint banging on a wild looking brain piano. “Mask up,” she said during a song break.

Gaga wasn’t foiled taking the Tricon Award

Lady gaga 2Gaga accepted the Tricon Award, the VMA’s version of the life achievement award, in a silver gown with matching mask and head ensemble. “This has not been an easy year for a lot of people, but what I see in the world is a massive triumph of courage,” the singer said.

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