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CS Keriako Tobiko hits back at Kipchumba Murkomen for his ‘lack’ of manners

Environment CS Keriako Tobiko has hit back at Elgeyo Marakwet for what he termed as ‘lack’ of manners.

Tobiko on Friday said it was unfortunate that Murkomen thinks he is the only one who can insult and bad mouth everyone around including the President.

The CS was responding after the Senator termed him as a mere clerk in the Jubilee government.

tobiko“You forget so fast that you became a CS because the President was trying to get rid of you from the office of DPP. You have no moral authority to lecture your boss the DP even if he is being molested by his boss. First try to be MCA,” Murkomen posted on his twitter.

But the CS while attending an event at the Loita Forest in Kajiado hit back saying it is the Senator who lacks respect for others.

“Kwa Murkomen awe na dabu maanake hana adabu kabisa. Amekuwa yeye ni wa kuongea na kutukana viongozi wengine hata rais. Lazima aambiwe awe na dabu na muheshimu rais. Hata huyo Mkubwa wake ni karani wa Rais. Just the way I respect the president as a clerk in his government pia hao lazima wamuheshimu,”he said.

Kipchumba Murkomen 2(Murkomen must have some manners….. He has become so vocal insulting other leaders including the president. He must be told to man up and have some manners. Even his boss who happens to be deputy president is the clerk to the president).

Tobiko added, “Respect is two-way traffic. If Murkomen and the deputy president cannot respect the president they do not deserve to be respected by anyone”.

Murkomen further said Murkomen had claimed to be bossy by inciting communities living in the Mau forest to disregard the government’s eviction order.

“Where did his chest thumbing take him. Did the people leave or not?,” he posed.

Tobiko said as a matter of fact, Murkomen is living in a land marked as forest land and the sooner he starts vacating the land the better.

“We know you are living in Embobut forest, by now you should be on your way out,’ he said.

But Murkomen did not the matter rest, he hit back saying Tobiko is mentally deranged.

“We have a CS who is mentally deranged. Just because of one tweet he has exploded and now promising to revenge against me and my father. Never mind the facts he will find some crime somewhere in the books. Just imagine this idiot was once our DPP! From Embobut to Tobiko I say come baby come!,” he said.

He added, “Without the blessings of the President this idiotic CSs would never have insulted the DP. William Ruto is not anyone’s clerk, he was jointly elected with the President and without him, Uhuru would not be President and Tobiko would never be a clerk. In a working state, Tobiko would be sacked”.

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