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MP speaks of his horrifying experience with Covid-19 and Ksh.4 million hospital bill

Dadaab Member of Parliament (MP) Mohamed Dahir Duale has told of his near death experience from the coronavirus disease.

The MP, who is the second legislator after Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria, to publicly admit of having contracted the virus says he spent 42 days in hospital.

Of the 42 days in hospital, the MP says he spent 35 in isolation while the rest was in Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

Mr. Dahir made the revelation on Tuesday during a session of the National Assembly Health Committee where Health CS Mutahi Kagwe was appearing to answer to various issues including the graft allegations at KEMSA.

The Dadaab MP cited his case as a testimony that COVID-19 is real and prevention efforts should be taken seriously.

“I want to admit that I suffered from Corona, I spent 42 days in hospital of which 8 were in ICU. I thank God for our employer the Parliamentary Service Commission for they paid my bill which amounted to almost Ksh.4 million. I wonder how other Kenyans are managing,” Dahir said.

CS Kagwe thanked the MP for disclosing his situation to show Kenyans, who are still in doubt, that the disease is serious.

MP Mohamed Duale“I didn’t know that it was that bad Mheshimiwa, but I thank God you are well, Kenyans need to know that this thing is real.” Kagwe said.

Earlier, Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria also took to social media to reveal his 27-day experience in hospital battling COVID-19.

Kuria thanked especially the health workers for risking their lives, saying his experience has made him appreciate their efforts more.

“Not just the doctors and nurses, but even the cleaners that risk their lives daily to serve the sick,” Kuria said.

Reports have previously emerged that several legislators had contracted the corona virus but Parliament has always been keen to downplay the numbers of MPs and staff affected.

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Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria has called on Kenyans to take the coronavirus disease seriously after testing positive.

“I really hope that beyond all the debate around Covid-19, all and sundry will not forget that coronavirus is real,” he said.

Kuria said the worst thing Kenya can do is to lower its guard.

Moses Kuria 3“And above all let us remember our gallant front line workers- Not just doctors and nurses, but subordinate staff who put their lives in the line of danger to give care to coronavirus patients,” he said. Learn more………………………

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