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Akothee dishes out some bitter truths for the Slay Queens with ‘blessers’

Akothee has always been a champion for single mothers and young women, and has always made it her business to spew some words of wisdom since she deems herself to have experienced enough of both sides of the coin and is in a good place to advise them accordingly.

In her latest post, the singer talks about women who get sponsors but still end up being poor after they are dumped. She seems to throw shade at that category of women for being stupid and not investing that money into something that will later give them more money in return.

Akothee 3”Supervise your work. You have to be present to achieve your goals ,no one will ever make you rich ,not even a sponsor. A sponsor will invest in your life style, business class tickets ,five star hotels , expensive weaves 🤦. But try ask for capital for your business 🙆🙆 very few will see a potential of investing in you ,for the fear of you being independent and dumping them.”

The controversial socialite goes ahead to let the slay queens know that the so called sponsors that date them are not stupid as they will observe their traits to see if you are bankable as a woman, before they decide to stay with you or dump you. She also took it upon herself to let them know that the sponsors will not be permanent and can drop you at any point, the more reason slay queens should style up and invest in themselves.

”sponsors are also not stupid ,they know why you are with them 🤣🤣, so they hide the white ball very far , and when they dump you for another hot cake ,you fall like a rotten tree ,for they will want to take you back where they found you or worst, in fact some of them ,will even revert the things they gave you just to see you frustrated and begging 😂😂😂 sponsorship is a scam it can land bad 😂😂😂.be wise @thejumba_suites_spa”

For those that have ears, there you go.

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