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WHO denies questioning Kenya’s declining COVID-19 cases

The World Health Organization has denied challenging the Kenya Government in regards to the declining COVID-19 cases in the country.

WHO Kenya said it continues to support measures put in place to reduce the transmission of the virus such as wearing of masks, social distancing, regular hand-washing and restrictions on gatherings.

“As stated repeatedly, we commend the Government of Kenya’s transparency related to the COVID-19 outbreak as evidenced by the daily press briefings by the Ministry of Health, and the participation of many health sector partners in the outbreak response task force,” WHO said on Tuesday.

The number of COVID-19 cases in Kenya has been declining in the past three weeks.

During the Council of Governors virtual COVID Conference on Monday, President Uhuru Kenyatta stated that the curve is beginning to flatten.

WHO kenyaWHO noted the equally, as stated by the Ministry of Health, it remains uncertain if this is an indication that the peak of the disease has already passed.

The global health body noted that as the President stated, the inflection point is the most dangerous, as the curve can either flatten and de-escalate or take an upward surge.

“WHO is of the same opinion. We do not believe that the authorities are “masking the numbers” as portrayed by the media, but that they have been quite open in the sharing of the available data on COVID-19 cases, deaths and laboratory testing,” the statement adds.

In addition, WHO said the difficulties in conducting widespread laboratory testing have been openly discussed and this is a matter that all countries globally are facing during this pandemic.

Kenya WHOThe organization however affirmed that additional data and further in-depth analyses are required to verify the currently reported decline in cases seen in the current data since mid-August.

“In support of the Government of Kenya, we state that the current prevention measures should remain in place until this decline is verified. We call on those media to kindly correct any false impression that may have been created that WHO Kenya is in contradiction with the government of Kenya. We remain firmly supportive of and engaged in the COVID19 response by the Government of Kenya,” WHO said.

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