Watch : Njugush gets furious as MC Jessy flirts with his wife right before his eyes

Rules are meant to be broken and boundaries are there to be crossed once in a while. However, there is nothing fun in seeing your better half flirting with someone else right before your eyes. No.

Njugush and Celestine Ndinda is one couple we can never get enough of. One that ever cracks jokes and never seems serious with life whenever they are in the limelight, but behind closed doors, these two spoil each other with love and warmth.

To explain their untold romance, during their recent interview on Jessy Junction, Njugush could not hold his fury after MC Jessy seemed like he was getting a bit too comfortable with Wakavinye aka Celestine Ndinda.

At first, Njugush would force himself to laugh at the situation, to avoid raising an alarm but as the clock kept ticking, it became a bit too much to handle or hide.

Occasionally avoiding eye contact and instead looking down and busy with his hands.

Knowing MC Jessy for who he is, he might have intended to make it funny but Njugush felt forgotten and not part of the interview.

Njugush and familyThe couple started exposing their private life in public, with short but petty arguments. It got to a point that Jessy would team up with Celestine every time Njugush seemed like he was attacking his wife.

Mama Tugi went ahead to shower the Kinoo-based comedian with praise about just how happy he makes her with his unique sense of humor and an envious Njugush could not help but look away and sip some water.

Ndinda even had to borrow permission from her ‘King’ Njugush to admit that MC Jessy was her favorite comedian who was actually supposed to MC at their wedding 4 years ago but it never worked out.

Anyway, the interview went well, brought out the serious side of the couple and shed more light on the duo’s kind of life.


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