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Lilian Muli tells us how her skin tone has lightened up over the years

Over the years, we’ve heard some pretty crazy explanations from dark skins as they try to justify why they have not bleached their skin.

Rapper Khaligraph Jones had the most outrageous explanation of them all insisting that drinking clean water and sleeping more has helped his skin lightened up.

Citizen TV news anchor Lilian Muli, who fans have always insisted she’s lightening her skin but has continually responded with total denial, has once again responded to the allegations.

Muli, like Jones, had a rather unique reason as to why she looks a bit lighter nowadays. According to the mother of three, better phones and, maybe filters, are the reason why her skin colour is different.

Other than that, nothing has changed. She has not bleached.

Lillian MuliIt’s true filters – and a quality phone – can make your photos different. Looking at most of Muli’s photos, her skin tone varies in almost all the photos meaning lighting plays a huge part.

However, we still can’t ignore Muli’s skin tone is not as dark as it was when she used to be on KTN almost a decade ago.

Many Kenyan celebrities like Vera Sidika, Size 8, Betty Bayo, and Nyasuguta have been accused of bleaching their skin. It’s not something new at all.

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