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Sauti Sol’s Bien recounts losing16 Teeth in Nasty Accident [VIDEO]

Bien Baraza, the lead singer of popular boy band Sauti Sol, on Sunday, August 31, recounted an accident that cost him 16 teeth.

While appearing on Churchill Show, the singer disclosed that he was crossing a busy Nairobi road in the company of his sister in 2007 when the accident occurred.

He recalled that after he was hit, he stood up, relieved that he had not broken any of his limbs until he got to the hospital.

“In 2007, I was crossing the road with my sister, Two Kambas (a rap duo) and Wendy Kimani. We were from doing a song about the post-election violence.

“We were crossing the road at Tuskys Pioneer in town headed towards Kenya Railways. I saw a car speeding and my sister noted that the driver was reckless and was bound to hit a pedestrian,” he narrated.

He added that when he turned, the car had inched closer to him and all he remembered from the fateful day was him flying in the air before landing with a thud.

“I remember turning around and that car was right in front of me and that guy hit the life out of me. He hit my knees and I hit my face on the windshield.

“I just remember flying in the air. I woke up on the ground and my sister was there. It was a hit and run so the guy just sped off. Luckily I just stood up, I didn’t break any limbs,” he stated.

He discovered that his teeth were missing when he looked at himself in the mirror after he got admitted at Nairobi Hospital, the same hospital contained in his birth certificate.

In his narration, however, the musician explained that as much as records indicate that he was born at the hospital, he knows he did not.

“I was born here in Nairobi. I was born at Nyayo Stadium roundabout in a car. My mother was headed to the hospital and the day doubled as my sister’s first birthday,” he narrated.

During the interview, Bien also revealed that his father, a collector of music, immensely influenced his career despite having a rough childhood.

Sauti SolHe met his band mates in high school where they used to perform for their fellow students and when they visited other schools.

What happens when someone losses a tooth?

When someone loses their teeth, the neighbouring ones are also affected. Each tooth gives the neighbouring ones support in maintaining proper positions.

When one drops, an open area suddenly exists, the teeth on either side can lean inward into the empty space or tilt out of their positions.

When a tooth falls, the victim has the option of replacing it with dental implants or a denture (which is a removable plate or frame holding one or more artificial teeth.

With implants, the victim is able to restore the ability to bite and chew.

Bien, However, did not disclose how he fixed his teeth after the accident occurred.

Below is the video of his interview:

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